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1. US Equestrian rules generally apply to class specifications, except that

1) hand gallop is not to be called for in any class except Show Hack

2) martingales, draw reins and leg wraps or splint boots are permitted in performance classes;

3) see attire rule below;

4) Training equipment which presents a safety issue (as determined by show management or the judge) is prohibited, INCLUDING FIXED SIDE REINS. The judge may penalize the use of equipment which the judge considers to be unconventional or abusive. Excessive use of the whip or excessive shanking in halter classes (as determined by the judge) is prohibited.

2. Proper show attire is recommended (except Ranch Pleasure classes). Sleeveless tops are NOT permitted. Boots and hats are required in all performance classes

3. Professionals may show in any class not restricted to juniors or amateurs. Schooling (without a number) requires payment of the regular entry fee. Schooling entries accepted only for classes in which rider would be eligible to show with a number (i.e., adult professional may not school in a junior or amateur class).

4. No refunds for any class unless the class is canceled. Open checks are permitted. Classes of less than three entries may be canceled or combined. Large classes may be split at management’s discretion. Entries should be made three classes prior to the class in question.

5. There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks.

6. Decisions of the judge are final.

7. Performance sections rotate each month as specified on the schedule.

8. A two-minute gate is enforced. If a tack change is required, please advise gate or office personnel in advance.

9. Ribbons to eighth place in all classes. SHOW HIGH POINT AWARDS At each show, High Point/Reserve High Point awards will be given in each of the following divisions: Walk–Trot, Walk–Jog, Western, English (hunt seat) and English (saddle seat) to the horse receiving the most points in that division. Walk–Jog or Walk–Trot classes WILL NOT be counted toward high point awards in any other divisions.


NOTE: To be eligible for a Walk–Trot or Walk –Jog high point or reserve high point award, a rider must not show in any classes requiring a canter or lope at that show. Points in each class are awarded based on the number of horses in a class placing behind a given horse – one point per horse. One-horse classes get one point. In the event of a tie for high point, the horse with the most first places will win the award.


SHOW FEES Grounds fee (per horse) $7.00 Entry fee for VSAHA or EVAHA members $8.00 per class;

Nonmembers $10.00 per class



OR $25.00 individual, for 2014, OR $50.00 family membership for 2013


SUPPORT HORSE LOVERS PARK!! Save on your entry fees by joining VSAHA! Members also receive a monthly newsletter and the opportunity to attend our clinics and other events throughout the year. Membership in the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) may be obtained at a discounted rate through VSAHA. Membership in VSAHA is $20.00 per year. Membership in both organizations (if you include a competition level membership for AHA) is $75 total per year ($35 for youth memberships).

Ask for more information or a membership application!


Arizona Equestrian Club
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